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Though, he has the credit of successfully running a restaurant chain. Nevertheless his penchant for writing grew with the passage of time. The Hidden Hindu is the product of shear dedication and research for continuous two years. He is working on the second and third part of this fiction trilogy which is a blend of Hindu mythology and Indian history. Akshat is currently working on few scripts for known production houses in Mumbai.

Prithvi, a cryptic 21-year-old who remembers incidents from before his birth, is in pursuit of a mysterious middle-aged Aghori (Shiva devotee) Aghori who claims to have witnessed all four Yugas (the epochs in Hinduism) and to even have participated in both Ramayana and Mahabharata. Prithvi recalls the name of this otherworldly man. Om Shastri.

Om is in search of the other immortals declared in every Yuga, along with all other bizarre secrets that could alter the myths of ancient, beliefs of the present and course of the future.

Who is Om Shastri? How can Prithvi recap the series of events that took place before his existence? Why is he searching for Om?

Board the boat of Om Shastri’s secrecies, Prithvi’s pursuit, and secrets of other enigmatic immortals of the Hindu mythology in the lightning-paced journey.

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